folks 0.6.5

About Folks

Folks is a contact aggregation library. It retrieves contacts from
various sources (including Telepathy IM accounts, libsocialweb web
service contacts, and local contact stores) and compiles them into
fully-fledged people objects. The ultimate goal is to provide the
platform with easy access to all of the user's contacts.


Bugs fixed:
* Bug 662285 — Error with email -> im_addresses when updating a contact
* Bug 662433 — AbstractFieldDetails.equal() is ambiguous about checking
* Bug 660908 — Add favourites support to EDS backend
* Bug 662770 — ContactPhotos are ignored when mime type is null
* Bug 662616 — We should set mime type when setting an EContact's photo
* Bug 662274 — Failed to link personas: Can't link personas with no primary
* Bug 662314 — Gnome-shell restarts if I change my user status to
* Bug 663798 — Add AbstractFieldDetails.value_type
* Bug 659585 — GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_bus_unwatch_name: assertion
  `watcher_id > 0' failed

API changes:
* Add to identify instances of details
* Deprecate PostalAddress.uid in favor of
* Deprecate NoteFieldDetails.uid in favor of
* Deprecate Role.uid in favor of
* Add AbstractFieldDetails.values_equal() to compare values (but not parameters)
* Implement FavouriteDetails on Edsf.Persona
* Add AbstractFieldDetails.value_type

Behavior changes:
* PostalAddress.equal() now ignores PostalAddress.uid
* NoteFieldDetails.equal() now ignores NoteFieldDetails.uid

=========  (22.9K)

========  (1.30M)
  sha256sum: 86fd13cb32f3e85a96f9bc999616307323c967baddca3f9f3b402f23629bd5ee (1.52M)
  sha256sum: 6364d841d1a0fb506f0adef5c5b9c9346b20559ee519b76bc562d587cf1a07ba

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