gtk-vnc 0.4.4

About gtk-vnc

A VNC viewer widget for GTK+


New features:

 o Vala bindings

Bug fixes:

 o Missing OS-X keymapping for the letter 'A'
 o Update Turkish/Esperanto/Korean/Slovak translations
 o Mapping for Left Control / Alt keys
 o Fix leak of string list in grab sequence string
 o Fix introspection for vnc_display_get_pixbuf
 o Fix GTK3 build on Mingw32
 o Improved log messages for TLS auth subtypes

=========  (2.60K)

========  (368K)
  sha256sum: c93fdb53c78b52a1cfa067c1a0be0b93d4adfc17ccea1215f20eeab2818308b7 (445K)
  sha256sum: 56e02a83718dc0485ba0dd8f1a6656e60b9ab503b2c78187a3a6724f6c413a64

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