glom 1.19.18

About Glom

User-friendly database application.


* tests: Add a test of backup and restore.
  (Murray Cumming)
* Require libgda 5.0.2 to fix these Glom bugs:
  - Can't see images.
    Bug #662925
  - Data doesn't display when a field is renamed to string with a hyphen.
    Bug #661655 (Ben Konrath)
  - SQL Errors when a relationship name has capital letters.
    Bug #661073
  (Murray Cumming)
* Improvements to the (not compiled by default) SQLite code.

1.19.17 (unstable):

* Make connections to central PostgreSQL servers work again.
* Details:
  - In developer mode, draw some lines, as in glom 1.18.
  - Notebook: Avoid truncating related records buttons,
    working around GtkFrame bug #662915 .
* Do not blank the data when showing the field definitions dialog.
* Fix some warnings about invalid field types with choices.
* Improvements to creation of temporary files, such as reports.
* Handle gdouble results from python functions.
* libglom:
  - Utils::sqlbuilder_get_full_query(): Improve the result.
  - Added Utils::build_sql_update_with_where_clause().
* User guide: Update the screenshots.
* tests:
  - Add Glom::Priv test, to check parsting of PostgreSQL privileges tables.
  - Add test of writing and then reading-back image data.

=========  (9.34K)

========  (8.95M)
  sha256sum: 9167b2655204594de6dca7547d4f246fad0543011566f1a29c9021f92ce97374 (9.70M)
  sha256sum: f0264f977ab5b3959e1b9a7a9e1dd696fc445369816f3a8884377b5741b3d495

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