gupnp-tools 0.8.1


Changes since 0.8:

- Make sure everything builds and runs on windows.
- Add popup menu to playlist treeview.
- Add UI for user to fetch and view the DIDL-Lite XML for media objects.
- Make it possible for user to select containers.
- Get rid of redundant newline in warning messages.
- Obey the ACLOCAL_FLAGS environment variable.
- Other non-functional improvements.

Dependencies changed:

- Require and adapt to gupnp-av >= 0.5.5

All contributors:

Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) <zeeshanak gnome org>
Ross Burton <ross linux intel com>
Jens Georg <mail jensge org>
Neil Roberts <neil linux intel com>


Changes since 0.7.1:

- Add lenient mode: Just pick-up the first resource available.
- Specify filter in Browse actions to reduce network usage.
- Don't browse containers with no children.
- Always re-browse containers on updates.
- Update childCount after browsing is done.
- Support for multiple networks.
- Leave selection of resource to gupnp-av.
- No need to search for all UPnP resources anymore.
- Fix infinite loop in icon cancelation code.
- No need to care about hosting of description document anymore.
- Adapt to new gupnp-av API.
- Add cmdline option to gupnp-upload to specify network interface.
- Many other minor/internal fixes.

Dependencies changed:

- gssdp >= 0.7
- gupnp >= 0.13
- gupnp-av >= 0.6

All contributors:

Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) <zeeshanak gnome org>
Ross Burton <ross linux intel com>


Changes in this release:

- Use g_printerr() instead of g_critical() in case of problems.
- Initialize the GError to NULL at declaration.
- Declare variables as const to setisfy the compiler.
- Add missing casts.
- Use g_content_type_is_a() to compare mimetypes.
- Correct the order of mimetype check.
- Iterate over item resources rather than renderer protocols.
- Port all UIs to use GtkBuilder.
- Bump-up Gtk+ requirement to 2.16.

Removed dependency in this release: libglade.

Contributors to this release:

Sven Neumann <s neumann phase-zero de>
Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) <zeeshanak gnome org>


This release features a new tool: gupnp-upload. It is a simple commandline
utility that uploads files to known MediaServers. Use Universal Control Point
for discovering the MediaServers. [Zeeshan Ali]

Other changes in this release:

- Initialize thread system before doing anythin else. [Sven Neumann,
  Zeeshan Ali]
- Don't assume that the actual ID of the root container is guaranteed to be "0".  [Zeeshan Ali]
- Use a message dialog to display action invocation errors. Fixes #936.
  [Zeeshan Ali]
- Some other minor changes. [Zeeshan Ali]

Added dependency in this release: GIO (>= 2.12).


Network Light:
- The UI now controls all network lights on the network, not just itself.

AV Control Point:
- Don't add orphan items/containers to tree anymore.

- Fix build on Rawhide by explicitly requiring and linking to libgthread-2.0.


- Remove the unneeded periodic notification to susbscribers.
  [Zeeshan Ali Khattak]
- Create a new UUID for each instance of network-light.
  [Hugo Calleja, Zeeshan Ali Khattak]
- Use the new gupnp_root_device_new() API. [Jorn Baayen]

- Display the device presentation URL [Ross Burton]

- Fix `make distcheck`. [Zeeshan Ali Khattak]


- Use libsoup 2.4. [Jorn Baayen, Zeeshan Ali Khattak]
- Incremental browsing of containers. [Zeeshan Ali Khattak]


This release features AV Control Point, a simple media player UI that enables
one to discover and play multimedia contents available on a network. Hopefully
a useful tool to test and debug UPnP MediaServer and MediaRenderer
implementations. [Zeeshan Ali]

Other changes in this release:

- Desktop file for each tool. [Ross Burton, Zeeshan Ali]
- New Icons. [Vinicius Depizzol]
- Various misc improvements and fixes. [Zeeshan Ali]


This release features Network Light, a UPnP-enabled software-based light bulb
that provides Switch Power and Dimming services, as defined by UPnP forum as
'DimmableLight v1.0". It is mainly intended to be a simple example of a UPnP
device based on GUPnP, and a demonstration of simplistic yet powerful GUPnP
API. It can also be used to debug generic and DimmableLight control points.

Changes to Universal Control Point in this release:

- Use of gtk stock icons wherever appropriate.
- New cool icons from Lapo Calamandrei, licensed under GPL
- Use icon from the Device, if available, to represent it.
- Subscribe to services, by default.
- Ability to copy&paste details and events.
- Lots of code cleanup and refactoring and misc fixes.


Another minor release to fix the treeview headers that broke because of
the fixes in the last release.


Minor release.

- BUGFIX: Pack the text and pixbuf in the same column of device treeview.
- Require libglade 2.6.0 rather than 2.6.1.
- Print a warning when introspection creation fails.
- Some more english fixes with the help of Robert McQueen.


Initial release, featuring GUPnP Universial Control Point.

=========  (64.6K)

========  (541K)
  sha256sum: 3b46a76fcbb0188b8d2c406e514edc7662d65f48774c81e5a19f93d7706db302 (441K)
  sha256sum: 57d5ca899f8da7e4ae69e5f98d75d1603aa7f388022f9ccb357f90abb22b75b6

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