gupnp-dlna 0.2.1


Brown paper-bag release for bad gstreamer dependency.


Changes since 0.1:

- Add a program (gupnp-dlna-info) to print DLNA profile name and MIME type of a
  given URI, as well as other metadata. [Parthasarathi Susarla]
- Add support for a few more AVC profiles
- Update in-tree copy of gst-convenience
- Make MP4 matching stricter - only ISO-compliant files are matched
- Couple of enhancements to simplify writing profile XML
- Add an API for getting a encoding profile for a DLNA profile and an example
  to use this with encodebin from gst-convenience. This is still
- Some minor bug fixes

All contributors to this release:

Arun Raghavan <arun raghavan collabora co uk>
Parthasarathi Susarla <partha susarla collabora co uk>


Initial release.

=========  (20.6K)

========  (402K)
  sha256sum: efe43b8ec720e1da89e055face0b7eccf89ecfcd6b4884a52c9d1251b5e9bcd5 (320K)
  sha256sum: e1cb6d3e6e06bb70af9703f78dca06b3ba27f1f356d2911549555619d674d164

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