gssdp 0.7.0



- Join the multicast group on the specified interface.
- Put the message src timeout in the specified GMainContext.
- "host-ip" property moved from GUPnPContext to parent GSSDPClient.
- Use inet_aton instead of inet_addr and handle the error from it.
- gssdp-device-sniffer ported to GtkBuilder.
- Version-independent target match. This makes client forward and backward
  compatible with resources that implement different version of the specs than
  the client.
- Version-independent M-SEARCH response. This has the same effect as above but
  only the other way around.
- GSSDPClient now binds to interface rather than IP.
- No need to find the default route.
- Add "active" property to GSSDPClient.
- Fix pkg-config paths.
- Add basic .gitignore.
- Other minor/internal changes.

Bugs fixed:

1621 - new gssdp timeout not added to the specific maincontext
1570 - gupnp doesn't set the pkgconfig lib dir correctly in 64 bit env

Dependencies dropped:

- libglade

All contributors:

Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) <zeeshanak gnome org>
Ross Burton <ross linux intel com>
Jens Georg <mail jensge org>
Olivier Crête <olivier crete collabora co uk>

WARNING: This release is API and ABI incompatible with previous releases.


- Send ssdp:byebye before sending the first ssdp:alive. [Jussi Kukkonen]
- Moderate the outbound SSDP messages. [Jussi Kukkonen]
- Documentation fixes. [Jussi Kukkonen]
- Send byebyes in dispose without sleep. [Jussi Kukkonen]
- Use g_set_error_literal(). [Jorn Baayen]
- Depend on glib 2.18. [Jorn Baayen]
- Do not byebye unavailable resources. [Jorn Baayen]
- All resources must respond to "ssdp:all" messages. [Hugo Calleja, Jorn Baayen]


- Don't use NULL g_get_application_names [Ross Burton]
- Use specified GMainContext for timeouts [Olivier Crete, Jorn Baayen]


- Reannounce resources after max_age / 2 - 1 instead of after max_age.
  [Peter Christensen, Jorn Baayen]
- Remove unnecessary call to g_thread_init(). [Zeeshan Ali]


- Bump soname.


- Use libsoup 2.4. [Zeeshan Ali Khattak, Jorn Baayen]
- Use g_timeout_add_seconds(). [Jorn Baayen]


- Add User-Agent header to discovery requests including the application name
  as reported by g_get_application_name(). [Jorn Baayen]
- Send messages from dynamic port. [Jorn Baayen]
- Send responses to originating port (instead of to SSDP port). [Jorn Baayen]
- Emit multiple discovery requests (because UDP is unreliable). [Zeeshan Ali]


- Pass the correct value to n_columns argument of gtk_list_store_new().
  Fixes bug#501. [Zeeshan Ali]
- Move libsoup requirement to Requires.Private. [Jorn Baayen]
- Fix compiler warning. Fixes #421. [Priit Laes]


- Minor fixes. [Jorn Baayen]


- Handle "byebye" correctly. [Jorn Baayen]


- New "Expires" header support. [Jorn Baayen]
- Define own error code for use in GErrors. [Jorn Baayen]
- Build fixes. [Ross Burton]

=========  (9.85K)

========  (358K)
  sha256sum: c8f16b4dddb7ddc7b75cf69398f61757ae9ddf7e1d7ac65ad2dfc75c768e8325 (290K)
  sha256sum: f6607536f29040a67ed10fa789277e6d389a7047161512b639bb5c9c830e1677

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