at-spi2-core 2.0.2

About at-spi2-core

D-Bus accessibility specifications and registration daemon.


* Fixed a seg fault in at-spi-bus-launcher when ending a session (BGO#648942).

* Fixed a possible crash when an application is short-lived.

* FIxed memory leaks in atspi_accessible_get_toolkit_(name|version).

* AT-SPI will now call g_error if it is unable to find the accessibility bus.
  This results in aborting but with a somewhat less cryptic error than before.

* Fix atspi_table_get_caption|summary.

* Fix introspection for atspi_table_get_row_column_at_index.

* Copy match rule attributes, rather than just ref counting the hash, for
  compatibility with pygi.

* Rework atspi_accessible_set_cache_mask to make it usable.

* Fix a crash that might happen if a method call times out.

* Disable caching if atspi_event_main has not been called to run the main loop.

* Fix atspi_accessible_get_toolkit_version.

* Add atspi_accessible_get_atspi_version to fetch the version of the AT-SPI
  specification provided by an application.

========  (620K)
  sha256sum: f43a885e4a33c1b3d6372479253bc7a46b679fdc7bf6e66702411f9f597dfb9f (492K)
  sha256sum: 15e13433d1923c96139c109568295313de636a83dbb3700c8467fcb9c5e4e6ce

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