file-roller 3.0.2

About Archive Manager

File Roller is an archive manager for the GNOME environment. This
means that you can create and modify archives; view the content of an
archive; view and modify a file contained in the archive; extract
files from the archive.

 File Roller is only a front-end (a graphical interface) to archiving
programs like tar and zip. The supported file types are : * 7-Zip
Compressed File (.7z) * WinAce Compressed File (.ace) * ALZip
Compressed File (.alz) * AIX Small Indexed Archive (.ar) * ARJ
Compressed Archive (.arj) * Cabinet File (.cab) * UNIX CPIO Archive
(.cpio) * Debian Linux Package (.deb) [Read-only mode] * ISO-9660 CD
Disc Image (.iso) [Read-only mode] * Java Archive (.jar) * Java
Enterprise archive (.ear) * Java Web Archive (.war) * LHA Archive
(.lzh, .lha) * WinRAR Compressed Archive (.rar) * RAR Archived Comic
Book (.cbr) * RPM Linux Package (.rpm) [Read-only mode] * Tape Archive
File: * uncompressed (.tar) or compressed with: * gzip (.tar.gz ,
.tgz) * bzip ( , .tbz) * bzip2 (.tar.bz2 , .tbz2) * compress
(.tar.Z , .taz) * lrzip (.tar.lrz , .tlrz) * lzip (.tar.lz , .tlz) *
lzop (.tar.lzo , .tzo) * 7zip (.tar.7z) * xz (.tar.xz) * Stuffit
Archives (.bin, .sit) * ZIP Archive (.zip) * ZIP Archived Comic Book
(.cbz) * ZOO Compressed Archive File (.zoo) * Single files compressed
with gzip, bzip, bzip2, compress, lrzip, lzip, lzop, rzip, xz.


version 3.0.1

        Bugs fixed:

        * Fix implementation and use of the alternative package name 
          lookup, when installing the missing utilities. (Iain Nicol) 
        * Can't open rar files with password protected file data and 
          headers. (#646562)
	* Fixed translation of the file list column headers.
          (Gabor Kelemen) (#649159)
	* Fixed crash when loading rpm files. (Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse)

        New or updated application translations:

        * Aragonese (Daniel Martinez Cucalon)
        * Lithuanian (Aurimas Černius)
        * Telugu (Praveen Illa)

=========  (2.60K)

========  (2.91M)
  sha256sum: b920263cadbad87a7ae44e26e3d3632d315ca493420ddbe44190f1663a683a9f (1.90M)
  sha256sum: a612f05c44f82328175ddca1b4a1da214d9c305797370b78435f490b250af3d1

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