gnome-dvb-daemon 0.2.1

About GNOME DVB Daemon

GNOME DVB Daemon is a daemon written in Vala based on GStreamer to
setup your DVB devices, record and watch TV shows and browse EPG. It
can be controlled by any application via its D-Bus interface.


This release fixes a bug that localization in the GUI
did not work correctly. In addition, DVB-T brute-force
scan works correctly, again.

- Fixed binding gettext domain
- gnomedvb: Set window position of preferences window
- gnomedvb: Launch gnome-dvb-setup when pressing on preferences button
- Manager: disconnect from destroyed signal before destroying Scanners in shutdown
- Adjusted DVB-T brute-force scan to new signature of AddScanningData method

Updated Translations:
- Updated el: Giannis Katsampirhs

=========  (2.39K)

========  (1.01M)
  sha256sum: ef5a6cce40d81b27d49d5b4ce7bafd52308d29ebd0d254d6ed0de0ab3bbc5cdc (741K)
  sha256sum: fc5b12b702b227cb0b296e896c6c141e82856bbfc119de085cc641982b5fb71b

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