pinpoint 0.1.2

About pinpoint

Pinpoint is a text file driven presentation tool aiming to make
presentations be excellent; striving to reduce death by bullet point.
And to keep peoples interest in what is actually being presented.


- New background scaling type 'stretch'
- Handle relative paths fully
- Added '.mkv' to list of video extensions
- Only treat # at start of line as comments
- Improve documentation
- Distribute ClutterScript based transitions in tarball
  (without it pinpoint didnt work)(

0.1.0 - First release - 2011-05-17

========  (767K)
  sha256sum: 8889a8e229b890938dadf226c276d69b4b23e5feb1389388a8510c6c05918f7d (770K)
  sha256sum: 365a566de86b69e483c92f608ec099a0ebcfac3a0e88072a49997db0b887bbed

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