nautilus-actions 3.1.3

About Nautilus-Actions

Nautilus-Actions is a Nautilus extension whose principal function is
to allow the user to add arbitrary actions to the file manager context
menus. These actions may be organized in menus and submenus, exported
and shared with other desktop environments.


	Release date 2011-05-18

	Bug fixes:

		- Fix #649726 reported by Kyle Amadio
		  Nautilus-Actions Configuration Tool - cannot edit items
		- Fix #649796 reported by Stefano Cerutti
		  Migration tool doesn't automatically run
		- Fix #650523 reported by Stefano Cerutti
		  Remote filenames are no more reachables 

	Minor enhancement:

		- Do not build test programs in release mode

	New and updated translations:

		- de (Christian Kirbach)
		- es (Jesse Avilés, Javier Mazorra, Daniel Mustieles)
		- fr (Bruno Brouard)
		- it (Claudio Arseni, Luca Ferretti)

=========  (2.04K)

========  (12.8M)
  sha256sum: 36b6054f3b1de1973c1c2c0ee54c82812970c422c84aac0222be7295c945acfb (11.6M)
  sha256sum: d7cab5b1a75f4cbeb68e7d2bfe4834ee13890abf6cab9254326f871ee07c9924

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