aravis 0.1.7

About Aravis

Vision library for ethernet cameras


  More work on GV stream reception thread.

  * GV Stream: handle error GVSP packets.
  * GV Stream: always set packet size.
  * GV Stream: check for control access before creating stream object.
  * GV Stream: check the number of available stream channels.
  * GVCP: more sanity checks on ack packets.
  * GV Device: reliably check for control access.
  * Fake GV Camera: make it work with viewer.
  * Debug: allow different debug levels for each debug category.

========  (540K)
  sha256sum: df82d62a2a366923f3b3414ab487ea40e8f036efed8c59ee7919bcc21187aa5f (425K)
  sha256sum: cb05c6858fd8da58c94d66ff3bcc29436c550770305cabeb6f7f16a1a759b909

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