pinpoint 0.1.0

About pinpoint

Pinpoint is a text file driven presentation tool aiming to make
presentations be excellent; striving to reduce death by bullet point.
And to keep peoples interest in what is actually being presented.


0.1 - First release - 2011-05-17

Initial feature set: Positioning of text, image backgrounds, video backgrounds,
transitions, video backgrounds, pdf export, running of commands, editing of
commands, live updating when source changes.

=========  (38)

========  (765K)
  sha256sum: d41ee12b8d452b5e5fa21ed4cbb0ee2a70dce8580be52376b22f3e6598a36102 (768K)
  sha256sum: 07b869a4c0b0f71bc28b811be32ce105319018179611d1f19062a6d751a54de3

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