folks 0.5.1

About Folks

Folks is a contact aggregation library. It retrieves contacts from
various sources (including Telepathy IM accounts, libsocialweb web
service contacts, and local contact stores) and compiles them into
fully-fledged people objects. The ultimate goal is to provide the
platform with easy access to all of the user's contacts.


Bugs fixed:
* Bug 645388 — Group channels are leaked
* Bug 647562 — Don't crash on duplicate group channels
* Bug 647121 — Crash in individual_store_contact_sort at
  empathy-individual-store.c line 1387
* Bug 645684 — Implement Iterator on LinkedHashSet
* Bug 640092 — Folks should minimize use of GLib.List (including its public API)
* Bug 648161 — Add GObject Introspection Support
* Bug 645186 — Make sure all connect() calls have appropriate disconnect() calls
* Bug 648533 — Add runtime debug signalling
* Bug 649790 — Vala uses the wrong includes
* Bug 649088 — Combining contacts doesn't work with german Umlauts

API changes:
* LinkedHashSet.list_iterator() is now disallowed (causes an assertion failure)
* LinkedHashSet.iterator() now returns a BidirIterator instead of just an
* ImDetails.im_addresses is now of type MultiMap<string, string>
* WebServiceDetails.web_service_addresses is now of type
  MultiMap<string, string>
* Removed LinkedHashSet in favour of Gee.HashSet
* Backend.persona_stores is now of type Map<string, PersonaStore>
* GroupDetails.groups is now of type Set<string>
* FieldDetails.parameters is now of type MultiMap<string, string>
* FieldDetails.get_parameter_values() now returns type Collection<string>
* FieldDetails.extend_parameters() now takes type MultiMap<string, string>
* PostalAddressDetails.postal_addresses is now of type Set<PostalAddress>
* EmailDetails.email_addresses is now of type Set<FieldDetails>
* PhoneDetails.phone_numbers is now of type Set<FieldDetails>
* UrlDetails.urls is now of type Set<FieldDetails>
* BackendStore.enabled_backends now has type Map<string, Backend>
  - The corresponding C function folks_backend_store_dup_enabled_backends()
    has been renamed folks_backend_store_get_enabled_backends(), and no longer
    returns an owned variable.
* Individual.personas now has type Set<Persona>
* Individual.personas_changed now uses Set<Persona>-typed parameters
* PersonaStore.personas_changed now uses Set<Persona>-typed parameters
* IndividualAggregator.individuals_changed now uses
  Set<Individual>-typed parameters
* IndividualAggregator.link_personas() now takes a Set<Persona>
* IndividualAggregator.get_all_potential_matches() now returns a
  Map<Individual, Map<Individual, MatchResult>>
* IndividualAggregator.get_potential_matches() now returns a
  Map<Individual, MatchResult>
* IndividualAggregator.individuals now has type Map<string, Individual>
* PersonaStore.personas now has type Map<string, Persona>
* LocalIdDetails.local_ids now has type Set<string>
* NoteDetails.notes now has type Set<Note>
* RoleDetails.roles now has type Set<Role>
* PotentialMatch.known_email_aliases now has type Set<string>
* PostalAddress.types now has type Set<string>
* Add Folks.Debug debug controller class
* All pc-files now only add the $includedir to the cflags, so all includes
  must be of the form <folks/*.h>

=========  (46.4K)

========  (1.36M)
  sha256sum: 743baef2ebf101ee2c9adaccc66ecf5f70bf72ab517d07bb5fbc3a334c7367cc (927K)
  sha256sum: e34dc678809175dc544fd94f7efd0b1de6d4c014dc5aa22711a156cf15b2b63f

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