totem 3.1.0

About totem

Movie player for the GNOME desktop based on GStreamer


* Use clutter-gst to draw the video, the
  only major related change is simpler zoom modes
* Use GStreamer API directly for audio preview
  utility (used in nautilus), thumbnailer and
  nautilus properties window
* Show container format in the properties
* Add ability to switch video tracks
* Add ability to "thumbnail" DVD ISOs
* Advertise support for audio/x-stm and audio/x-s3m
* Fix possible dropped chapters in chapter plugin

* Code:
  - Port media-player-keys plugin to GDBus
  - Add pylint support for all Python plugins, and fix
    errors from it, and port all of the plugins to
    GObject Introspection
  - Simplify screenshot code

* Removed:
  - Remove XVidMode support in backend
  - Remove video indexer, it wasn't used
  - Remove thumbnail plugin which doesn't serve a purpose
    under GNOME 3

=========  (189)

========  (5.26M)
  sha256sum: 36558cd1e63c09a2c03c700b650591feae96dd93ee926ecbcf53b543e601ba66 (3.56M)
  sha256sum: 6db3dcd9a5ce46de29bdac80d1ca76f8ca98b87b2be1fcdec5d95141c2156468

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