clutter-gst 1.3.10

About Clutter-Gst

Clutter-Gst is a gstreamer based clutter actor implementing the
ClutterMedia interface. It provides video playback on a clutter
texture. The library can also be used for its cluttersink Gstreamer
element to build more complex pipelines.


List of changes since 1.3.8:

  o Fix the GstNavigation interface of the sink

Many thanks to:

    Bastien Nocera

========  (532K)
  sha256sum: b2617bd41a9c10df7799b8609547b383d4557c1f65e8a5bd0ddf12af9f065616 (453K)
  sha256sum: 7e29ceb23c28fcff40d6bbc81157bdc7c3ae4477292116e1fbb3a71da0368d8e

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