gnome-keyring 3.1.1

About gnome-keyring

Stores passwords and encryption keys.


 * Add 'Export Certificate' option to right click of certificate widget.
 * Use file system linux capabilities for memory locking.
 * Set correct daemon SELinux context when started from PAM module.
 * Fix assertions in parser.
 * Add GcrCollection interface to represent collections of objects.
 * Add GcrGnupgCollection to libgcr.
 * Implement functionality in renderers to populate GtkTreeModel
 * Add a GcrSelector widget.
 * Cleanup unregistering from session.
 * Translations and translation fixes.
 * Build fixes.

=========  (4.35K)

========  (2.47M)
  sha256sum: dc71aceac44476e24a6d752ca2f236f3e941b4c8af3ca8631497ee3101c1c757 (1.81M)
  sha256sum: 942a528dfb97354259688c7b9e8fa7a1927737edbeefd7ab2c08d834967fe1e6

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