dconf 0.7.5

About dconf

configuation database system


This release corrects a serious flaw in the previous release: crashing
if the database did not already exist.

It also contains many fixes and improvements to the dconf-editor,
including use of GSettings to store the window geometry.

This is the final release before 0.8.0 which will become the first
release in a new stable series.  Feature development will continue on
'master' toward 0.9 past that point.


http://download.gnome.org/sources/dconf/0.7/dconf-0.7.5.tar.gz  (266K)
  sha256sum: a5f627fb80515f6baa769977d53238ae193efc58f69c1c8b3d04ca78ef9161db

http://download.gnome.org/sources/dconf/0.7/dconf-0.7.5.tar.bz2 (189K)
  sha256sum: e2103e8207744903790e9fac6427fa394bb485a0c7f4e0d03b0fb43268c34f33

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