nemiver 0.8.2

About Nemiver Debugger

Nemiver is a graphical debugger for C and C++ applications.  It
integrates well in the GNOME desktop environment.


Andrej Žnidaršič:
      Updated Slovenian translation

Daniel Mustieles:
      Updated Spanish translation

Dodji Seketeli:
      Update boost m4 macro definitions
      Detect boost when in /usr/lib64
      Style/comments cleanups
      Remove useless includes
      Catch more exceptions at low level
      Centralize conf keys decls/defs to src/confmgr
      Initialize IDebugger dynmods with gconf in tests
      640919 Fix build for autoconf < 2.64
      640921 Pass absolute file paths to the compiler
      NMV_DEFAULT_LOG_DOMAIN is always file base name
      Pass full tests file paths to the compiler
      Move null slots to nmv-debugger-utils.[h|cc]
      Return a signal of IDebugger by reference
      Avoid needless work when selecting a frame
      643700 Function arguments are duplicated
      Reset command queue on restart GDB after a crash
      644114 Update the call stack again
      644569 Ensure last expr becomes last history item
      Update the commit log guidelines
      Don't list frame args twice
      Fix 'set-but-unused' warning from GCC 4.6
      Fix tests linking with boost 1.46
      Don't loose commands sent down the wire
      Ignore 'current-thread-id' in thread list
      Introduce Loc (code location) type
      Emit one IDebugger::breakpoint_set_signal per BP
      Fix memory corruption in SourceEditor
      Fix a crash in confmgr
      Avoid reading freed memory
      Fixlets in setbreakpointdialog.ui
      560235 Initial support of "jump to"
      Fix gsettings configure test error
      Use Automake GSettings magic to support DESTDIR
      Fix configuration keys' description wording
      Add a description to Nemiver's doap file
      Update's release text

Fabien Parent:
      Add a GSettings implementation for IConfMgr

Joe Hansen:
      Updated Danish translation

Kalev Lember:
      598444 Use Gtk::Spinner instead of custom spinner widget

Luca Bruno:
      Import Debian packaging meta-data into Nemiver's Git

Lucian Adrian Grijincu:
      Updated Romanian translation

Marek Černocký:
      Updated Czech translation

Mario Blättermann:
      [l10n] Updated German translation

Takeshi AIHANA:
      Updated Japanese translation

      Update Simplified Chinese translation

=========  (32.2K)

========  (2.78M)
  sha256sum: c263405fdd1a2055e3702efc9555cc5432321af085d4b836d3dd7ccb296721aa (2.42M)
  sha256sum: 1dab916dcfa6538f6bd95d6014d7add26c37753f9453dcc188a850a80d1144f5

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