gnome-panel 2.91.93

       Module: gnome-panel
      Version: 2.91.93
  Uploaded by: Vincent Untz
 sha256sum: 90670566dbeae4b9b50219e2269b50844a767fb730d5dd1965edc34c1a1d7ab1
      size: 4.64M
 sha256sum: ad04f35782e6d2420c537d2a91a8c4419350fd45b7753fefed3b1b56bd4e31cb
      size: 2.94M

About Panel

Launch other applications and provide various utilities to manage
windows, show the time, etc.


  - while GNOME is in deep freeze for GNOME 3, the release team was kind enough
    to accept a huge freeze break to considerably improve the panel experience
    in GNOME 3.
  - it's worth pointing out that starting with this release, gnome-panel
    ignores the GNOME 2 configuration and starts with a fresh configuration.
    This is done on purpose; if there is interest, we might provide a helper
    tool to migrate the old configuration.
  - per-instance applet settings can now be in GSettings, or if the applet
    still uses GConf, they will live under /apps/panel3-applets.

Note to packagers: the way to define a default layout for gnome-panel has
changed. Take a look at the panel-default-layout.layout file for an example;
this is really easy now!


	* Remove popup menu for items in applications menu (Vincent)
	* Drop drawers (Vincent)
	* Remove migration code for panel 2.x configuration (Vincent)
	* Drop hidden --profile argument (Vincent)
	* Also require modifier to move applets by clicking on handle (Vincent)
	* Drop per-applet Lock setting (Vincent)
	* Put Move before Remove in applet menu (Vincent)
	* Migrate to GSettings (Vincent)
	  This includes:
	    * Rework the way we define te default layout
	    * Better integration with GNOME 3.0 in general (for lockdown, for
	    * Still make it possible to have applets use GConf for their own
	* Use gtk-enable-animations GtkSettings property instead of our own
	  setting (Vincent)
	* Remove setting to highlight launchers on mouse hover, and instead
	  make this available in the theme with "-ButtonWidget-hover-highlight:
	  false;" (Vincent)
	* Move Lock before Activate in screensaver button popup (Vincent)
	* Talk to gnome-screensaver via dbus (Vincent)
	* Port to GDBus (Vincent)
	* Stop saving launchers in ~/.gnome2, and use XDG config dir (Vincent)
	* Remove unneeded check for 'logout-prompt' setting (Vincent)
	* Change gconf path of applet prefs (Vincent)
	* Prepare code for ability to use centered applets (Vincent)
	* Code cleanups (Vincent)


	* Add panel_applet_settings_new() API (Vincent)
	* Mark all GConf-related API as deprecated (Vincent)

  Fish Applet

	* Port to GSettings (Vincent)
	* Change the way to choose the image and number of frames, by using a
	  keyfile. There's no UI for this anymore at the moment (Vincent)

  Window List Applet

	* Port to GSettings (Ryan Lortie)

  Workspace Switcher Applet

	* Port to GSettings (Ryan Lortie)


	* Khaled Hosny (ar)
	* Fran Diéguez (gl)
	* A S Alam (pa)
	* Piotr Drąg (pl)
	* Rodrigo Padula de Oliveira (pt_BR)
	* Daniel Nylander (sv)
	* Sahran (ug)

=========  (44.0K)

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