the-board 0.1.2

       Module: the-board
      Version: 0.1.2
  Uploaded by: Lucas Rocha
 sha256sum: a0dbe789dcc91416579634795c8125e11590769cd64ec2ad4a89c0677193a7ca
      size: 1.08M
 sha256sum: 284162a6a1a6b7762a89b021833a12835a334e535061626269096fb8a96c7e78
      size: 1008K

About The Board

A space for placing daily records in your GNOME desktop


  * Main window now has the usual decoration and behaves as
    normal toplevel window
  * Keyboard shortcuts for alignment and distribution actions:
    Ctrl+H - Distribute horizontally
    Ctrl+G - Distribute vertically
    Ctrl+U - Align to the left
    Ctrl+I - Align to the right
    Ctrl+J - Align to the top
    Ctrl+K - Align to the bottom
  * More consistent keyboard shortcuts:
    Ctrl+W - Hides main window
    Ctrl+Q - Quits application

Misc improvements:
  * More subtle screen dimming when an element is active
  * Deactivate Label element when Return key is pressed
  * Save page when multiple things are moved around
  * Misc fixes necessary to build and run on Natty
  * Initial infrastructure for unit tests

Bugs fixed:
 644336 Position of elements is not saved correctly when multiple
        elements are dragged
 640596 Pressing Return while editing a label should deactivate it
 645519 Lot of crashes, (almost 33% click causes a crash)
 637710 Use action-based operations in main toolbar
 640595 Factor out toolbars from MainWindow

 Piotr Drąg [pl], Mateus Zenaide [pt_BR], Daniel Nylander [sv]

=========  (14.5K)

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