nautilus-python 0.7.3

       Module: nautilus-python
      Version: 0.7.3
  Uploaded by: Adam Plumb
 sha256sum: dbdafadb63224db9383a2c4ef8dd39cea9ea201152e8e81b6d96a79381184329
      size: 325K
 sha256sum: d7971d71f1e91752c692d2ab4e99b7a71c042c6ede9f28a64a2f668fcb5cb3eb
      size: 248K

About nautilus-python

Python bindings for the Nautilus extension framework


    - Use PyCapsule_Import for pygobject as well as pygtk
    - Fixed bug #644399, in the property page example plugin, get the md5sum
        of the file contents, not the file name
    - Removed extraneous .cvsignore files
    - Fixed the update-file-info-async example plugin

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