gdm 2.91.94

       Module: gdm
      Version: 2.91.94
  Uploaded by: Ray Strode
 sha256sum: 0f3739b57c6a360216d1760f403593597443ac9c3e2d6269ac5873f0bb2105c3
      size: 3.6M
 sha256sum: b7145c611887a9153e1d06b1ec2cd554c141cf74af7216c2beef4b01d8f75e88
      size: 2.2M


Version 2.91.94

- Warp pointer to convenient place at start up
- Fix crash with autologin
- Don't show empty names in user list
- Add a gdm session file for gnome-session to use
- Fix fuzzy icon in greeter
- Drop faces images
- Translation updates


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