yelp-xsl 2.91.92

       Module: yelp-xsl
      Version: 2.91.92
  Uploaded by: Shaun McCance
 sha256sum: 9e51363b242e8f94c19ca7fa35939ac13d1632e6092f5901c7873ca428e26c47
      size: 1.2M
 sha256sum: ab3d26192cf4465f1dad187d975201767b45ca3dc908820fc0ee9924bca42175
      size: 692K


Changes in 2.91.92
* Use trail link title for link trails
* Fix note icon craziness with nested inner divs
* Added special fanciness for the gnome-help index
* Added the 'bold' and 'nodesc' links styles
* Corrected handling of media style attribute
* Put links element in Mallard 1.0 namespace
* Updated translations:
  pl    (Piotr DrÄ?g)

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