glib-networking 2.28.4

       Module: glib-networking
      Version: 2.28.4
  Uploaded by: Dan Winship
 sha256sum: 6b4c7c89d1ef4670aadf9f9879df5abaea44614351c1a364de012399e3d38d5e
      size: 384K
 sha256sum: f124295577aa8a912b1738cccb519b7fef4c8aa631f1eab2aef03182074f9258
      size: 316K


  * Added a new proxy backend, GProxyResolverGnome, that uses
    GSettings and the network proxy schemas from
    gsettings-desktop-schemas to provide proxy information (and using
    a new D-Bus service provided by the libproxy backend to provide
    PAC/WPAD support).

    If you are building glib-networking in a GNOME 3.0 environment,
    you should make sure that gsettings-desktop-schemas.pc is
    available when building, so that this backend gets built.

  * New translations:
	Assamese, Latvian, Oriya, Serbian

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