orca 2.91.92

       Module: orca
      Version: 2.91.92
  Uploaded by: Alejandro Leiva

 sha256sum: 28a688919f35497874b3ec9a5fbdb99e9280ed05bf9f6475ec35a41d90b1a38b
      size: 5.3M

 sha256sum: b8aa3add7dd054a28715b30e8e5a85a1b8d60daf2338fff60bed1d009db2fb5f
      size: 3.4M


2.91.92 - 21-March-2011


  * Provide 'text' title type in the help content so that
    the logo alt text doesn't wind up being displayed where
    it should not be.

  * Fix for bug #Bug 645241 - Attempting to manually run
    certain app-settings files results in a traceback

  * Fix for bug #645256 - Unhandled LookupError when
    an application is quit

  * Fix for bug #643304 - Specific apps settings are applied

  * Fix for bug #645278 - Orca is writing out application
    prefences it should not

  * Fix for bug #643969 - When switching from desktop to
    laptop mode, new keybindings don't take effect
    until restart

  * Fix for bug #645364 - Need to check for "mapped" scripts
    before object toolkit scripts when creating a new script

  * Fix for bug #645362 - Orca is ignoring --disable main-window

  * Fix for the problem with script loading of version 2
    and 3 of Yelp.

Gecko/Yelp 2:

  * Fix for bug #645117 - Traceback when using Orca with
    Gecko-based Yelp

WebKitGtk/Yelp 3:

  * Fix for bug #645286 - Orca should announce when WebKitGtk
    content has started or finished loading

  * Fix for bug #645290 - Orca does not present links in
    Yelp 3 when those links are made up of multiple objects

  * Fix for bug #645359 - Orca is not able to set the caret
    position within a WebKitGtk list item when using
    structural navigation

  * Fix for bug #645366 - Orca needs to work around the initial
    lack of caret in a newly-loaded WebKitGtk page

  * Fix for bug #645465 Say All needs to be implemented for
    WebKitGtk-based apps

  * Fix for bug #645474 - Orca should provide the option of
    performing a Say All when WebKitGtk content is loaded


  * By default, any selection change on CALLY means a change
    on locusOfFocus

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

    en_GB     British English          Bruce Cowan
    es        Spanish                  Jorge González
    de        German                   Mario Blättermann
    it        Italian                  Luca Ferretti
    pl        Polish                   Piotr DrÄ?g
    po        Dutch                    Hannie Dumoleyn
                                       Wouter Bolsterlee
    ro        Romanian                 Lucian Adrian Grijincu
    ru        Russian                  Anatol Kamynin


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