at-spi2-atk 1.91.92

       Module: at-spi2-atk
      Version: 1.91.92
  Uploaded by: Mike Gorse
 sha256sum: 2fc43bc52bd0008979bad2592dd46e3527335999d7c07d7ff77b14bdfd6222c2
      size: 448K
 sha256sum: 711b59ceca97933c1549bf2fe2ac65356f20a4f3e50bf25c440304fbcf8eb099
      size: 336K


What's new in at-spi2-atk 1.91.92:

* Handle text-insert and text-removed signals from ATK (BGO#638377).

* Use the new dbus errors when compiled against a version of libdbus that
  defines them.

* Use libatspi to get the accessibility bus and handle main loop integration.
  This fixes a crash with some builds of Firefox (FDO#35115).
  Note that this adds a dependency on libatspi.

* Fix accessibility of applications running as root on Linux.

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