gnome-keyring 2.91.93

       Module: gnome-keyring
      Version: 2.91.93
  Uploaded by: Stefan Walter
 sha256sum: 4bb5e13c776c471f17c9b224369fbd8a39e2fd472705514db3dd2fb95f7a0e16
      size: 7.2M
 sha256sum: 85076745167b47003fb384c669c8f4f6c07fdb02be3706f863ed69c4f890fea9
      size: 5.2M


Changes in version 2.91.93 are:
 * Use full interface.Property form for CreateCollection and CreateItem
   in the DBus API.
 * Add deprecated functions for libgcr symbols lost since 2.32.x
 * Don't crash when the GPG agent is asked for a passhprase without a
   key id.

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