evince 2.91.92

       Module: evince
      Version: 2.91.92
  Uploaded by: Carlos Garcia Campos

 sha256sum: bdddb14874d70d15619e98cd013009a50ebb77dc7784130e8c3f87b483407311
      size: 4.0M

 sha256sum: 270fc25fb4414db975b8d8dab6c4d4c1031bfc2a605f1e3a0a60b891f50b748c
      size: 2.6M


Evince  2.91.92

Bug fixes:

    * Save contents of text form fields when they loss the focus
      (#624921, José Aliste)
    * Disable "open containing folder" action when no document is
      loaded (#644613, Carlos Garcia Campos)
    * Give the keyboard focus to the view when sidebar is closed
      (#645109, Carlos Garcia Campos)
    * Fix document loading when filename contains some characters
      like brackets (#644604, Dennis Sheil)
    * Another fix for buffer overwrite in dvi-backend (#643882, Scott
    * Use TIFFOpenW on windows (#644928, Hib Eris)
    * Remove all widgets from the View when reloading the document
      (#632087, José Aliste)
    * Use the primary-toolbar style class for the window toolbar
      (#644118, Cosimo Cecchi)
    * Add .png extension when saving images using DnD (#643709, Wouter
    * Update totem-screensaver code from totem sources (#642946,
      Carlos Garcia Campos)


    * Relocate help images to fix documentation build (#645410,
      Frederic Crozat)
    * Updated information about opening a document (Tiffany

Translation updates:

    * Michael Kotsarinis (el)
    * Bruce Cowan (en_GB)
    * Jorge González (es)
    * Arash Mousavi (fa)
    * Fran Diéguez (gl)
    * Gabor Kelemen (hu)
    * Changwoo Ryu (ko)
    * Rudolfs (lv)
    * Piotr DrÄ?g (pl)
    * Henrique P. Machado (pt_BR)
    * Duarte Loreto (pt)
    * Simion Ruxandra (ro)
    * Yuri Myaseodov (ru)
    * MiloÅ¡ PopoviÄ? (sr@latin)
    * Ð?илоÑ? Ð?оповиÑ? (sr)
    * Korostil Daniel (uk)
    * �� (zh_CN)
    * ç??é?² (Gan Lu) (zh_CN)


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