gnome-disk-utility 2.91.7

       Module: gnome-disk-utility
      Version: 2.91.7
  Uploaded by: David Zeuthen
 sha256sum: 7fc51d900da283b05af9d4a7329d155abbcbed2e279b59c9c029a35f90ff3e9a
      size: 3.5M
 sha256sum: c33908f66733cc48d7fc78b46eb1a2fb0dfb5f36f0c02567d9955bfc93839859
      size: 2.2M


gnome-disk-utility 2.91.7

The gnome-disk-utility project provides libraries and applications for
dealing with storage devices. It relies on the udisks project.

 David Zeuthen (3):
       Post-release version bump
       Bug 645174 - New icons
       Update NEWS for release

 Matthias Clasen (2):
       Use more accurate categories in the desktop file
       Make the S.M.A.R.T and benchmark dialogs work better with the shell

Translation updates.

David Zeuthen,
March 21, 2011


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