gvfs 1.6.7

       Module: gvfs
      Version: 1.6.7
  Uploaded by: Tomas Bzatek

 sha256sum: 8805af99ace61c7620850c1a615d47faf3d36abf8e6963269d10ee6ddd0a590b
      size: 2.2M

 sha256sum: fe5f6181eac14d5147794389bf57717226a15ddf8283631b434c2d9ec120d659
      size: 1.4M


Major changes in 1.6.7
This is a convenient release for people who want to have old
gnome 2.32 and new glib:
 * Do not build app lookup extension if we have glib >= 2.27.1

Other fixes:
* build: Adapt autogen.sh to libtool-2.4
* build: Bump fuse requirement for ATOMIC_O_TRUNC support

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