totem 2.91.92

       Module: totem
      Version: 2.91.92
  Uploaded by: Bastien Nocera
 sha256sum: 9b4fc9707810d61b7906c43a8d7d7947b4f4b57e8f26e1a381b428015b201ee4
      size: 5.3M
 sha256sum: 7f9ebde8fc41ed5bd5a95585603c9a4764f84afd2eb6ce8d9889bc45e03e1971
      size: 3.6M


* Plenty of screensaver related bug fixes
* Make "Open Location" dialogue modal
* Never use an empty User-Agent in the backend
* Don't poke at web server when we already have
  information to set up "recent files"

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