gnome-pilot 2.32.1

       Module: gnome-pilot
      Version: 2.32.1
  Uploaded by: Matthew Charles Davey
 sha256sum: 1624fea8c2e9c2433a8f256da0e1c7daa8e89a86df9af96131705b2d89cf384c
      size: 1.5M
 sha256sum: 5b2a48dd589107dbea1e16b073583a1d340028d2d7a825c494d50d246fc9de5f
      size: 1004K


gnome-pilot 2.32.1 'Tofu', 2011-03-20
Bugfix release for 2.32.x branch.

Significant changes and bug fixes since 2.32.0:
   - fix crash in configuration applet when configuring multiple Evolution
       conduits #644319
   - fix crash in configuration applet caused by non-ASCII characters in
       owner name, introduced in migration to dbus in 2.32.0
   - fix gob rules to support parallel builds, and todo conduit map-file patch  #634874,634869.
   - Fix map-file path for todo conduit. #634869
   - fix include problem when using a separate build directory.  #634880
   - Use dbus directly for device detection, instead of HAL. #593936
   - Use gnome-doc-utils (Mario Bl<C3><A4>ttermann)

Thanks to Matt McCutchen for several bug-fixes and improvements (#634874, #634869,
#634880, #634873).

Thanks to the translation team for their great work:
   - Daniel Mustieles (es)
   - Yinghua Wang (zh_CN)
   - Daniel Nylander (sv)
   - Andrea Zagli (it)
   - Kjartan Maraas (nb)
   - Antonio Fernandes C. Neto (pt_BR)
   - Inaki Larranaga (eu)

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