ocrfeeder 0.7.4

       Module: ocrfeeder
      Version: 0.7.4
  Uploaded by: Joaquim Manuel Pereira Rocha

 sha256sum: 8900a8722b8df4485d56b1a32214128f27f11e3d6ecddb1facb7e3bf369848d3
      size: 588K

 sha256sum: cc906b6beccba1e7ff582da6b50724cb415dbdfa74b0e755b5a0416a6c746670
      size: 488K


Version 0.7.4

New Features

* Add plain text exportation (thanks to Andrew McGrath)
* Add option to recognize current page or the whole document (gb#635306)

Bug fixes

* Fix preferences dialog when Unpaper was not installed
* Fix failure when the check-speller could not find the given locale
* Replace unimplemented dialog by a message dialog (fixes gb#643919)
* Fix unicode strings translation (gb#644009) (thanks to Krzysztof Chojnowski)
* Annotate .ui file to ensure strings are extracted (thanks to Kjartan Maraas)
* Fix selection of multiple areas


* Ask for confirmation when recognizing the document or the current page
  and there are changes
* Use one status bar instead of three (gb#635219)
* Fix local source usage when run from the development directory
* Add missing dependencies to README
* Add support for translatable exportation format names
* Add missed Python dependencies to configure.ac (thanks to Juanje Ojeda)
* Add missing keystrokes for the "Recognize Document" and
  "Recognize Selected Areas" (gb#644381) (thanks to Juanje Ojeda)
* Move of content areas' bounds into a gtk.Expander for cleaning up the UI
  (thanks to Juanje Ojeda)

New and Updated Translations

* Marek Ä?ernocký [cs]
* Mario Blättermann [de]
* Joe Hansen [da]
* Daniel Mustieles [es]
* Bruno Brouard, Claude Paroz [fr]
* Kjartan Maraas [nb]
* Matej UrbanÄ?iÄ?, Andrej ŽnidarÅ¡iÄ? [sl]
* Daniel Nylander [sd]
* Aron Xu [zh_CN]
* Daniel Korostil [uk]
* Kjartan Maraas [no]
* Gabor Kelemen [hu]

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