Module: empathy
  Uploaded by: Guillaume Desmottes

 sha256sum: 69bc78db1501db80054efb928eb203c673fe501acd22436e275fc092d82462d0
      size: 4.7M

 sha256sum: f6a4afae23be3cce8184b846605612ed599d03b6ac464feb601c8c76d9e4a3bb
      size: 3.1M


NEW in (17/03/2011)

The "Happy Guinness Day!" release.

Empathy has a new icon! See [1] to learn more about it.

You can now block annoying contacts.

[1] http://blog.desmottes.be/post/2011/03/16/New-Empathy-icon%21

 â?¢ folks â?¥ 0.4.0

Bugs fixed:
 - Fixed #644296, Contact Info should respect Overwritten_By_Nickname (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #614640, new app icon for empathy (Jakub Steiner)
 - Fixed #618787, Allow to block specific contacts (Danielle Madeley)
 - Fixed #639417, SSL server validation should follow override server CancelOk (Stef Walter)
 - Fixed #643690, Have to enter password even if provided during account creation (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #643863, Should set EmpathyChat as PreferredHandler when requesting a text channel (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #644295, Don't set your contact info if nothing's changed (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #644298, Don't clobber alias updates through using both Aliasing and ContactInfo (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #644359, Support Error.EmergencyCallsNotSupported (Emilio Pozuelo Monfort)
 - Fixed #644360, Support Error.SoftwareUpgradeRequired (Emilio Pozuelo Monfort)
 - Fixed #644406, Should set password-prompt on IRC accounts when needed (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #644475, Empathy.Auth.client doesn't have DelayApprovers (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #644500, Install .service and .client files for empathy-call (Emilio Pozuelo Monfort)
 - Fixed #644726, Remove contact doesn't work (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #644830, Sidebar is very wide (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #644844, Clear logs improvements (Emilio Pozuelo Monfort)
 - Fixed #644914, History window: filter accounts without logs (Emilio Pozuelo Monfort)
 - Fixed #644936, Don't update Contact menu on a focus-in (Michael Terry)
 - Fixed #644944, Patch for warnings from GCC 4.6 about variables that are set but not used (Kjartan Maraas)
 - Fixed #645008, empathy-auth-client should implement the Debug interface (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #645014, ICQ widget: should be able to enter an email address (Guillaume Desmottes)

 - Updated ar Translation (Khaled Hosny)
 - Updated ca Translation (Gil Forcada)
 - Updated cs Translation (Marek Ä?ernocký)
 - Updated el Translation (Michael Kotsarinis)
 - Updated en_GB Translation (Bruce Cowan)
 - Updated es Translation (Daniel Mustieles)
 - Updated et Translation (Mattias Põldaru, Ivar Smolin)
 - Updated fr Translation (Bruno Brouard)
 - Updated gl Translation (Fran Diéguez)
 - Updated he Translation (Yaron Shahrabani)
 - Updated hu Translation (Gabor Kelemen)
 - Updated pl Translation (Piotr DrÄ?g)
 - Updated ro Translation (Lucian Adrian Grijincu)
 - Updated sl Translation (Andrej ŽnidarÅ¡iÄ?, Matej UrbanÄ?iÄ?)
 - Updated sv Translation (Daniel Nylander)
 - Updated uk Translation (Daniel Korostil)

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