orca 2.91.91

       Module: orca
      Version: 2.91.91
  Uploaded by: Joanmarie Diggs

 sha256sum: 42f8d686e072caa00144926ce7aaea6f44e588d809d9f9bf02aefa28afec169e
      size: 5.2M

 sha256sum: 07dbd12d6aeb42141223d1ca0388dc6c98569278e99f57dc3ee02a263e419c40
      size: 3.3M


2.91.91 - 07-March-2011


  * Fix for bug #643195 - Orca hangs after a traceback

  * Fix for bug #637780 - Cannot permenantly update settings for the gdm
    user login session

  * Fix for bug #643378 - Orca does not present the XFCE window switcher

  * Fix for bug #643306 - Orca is not correctly failing back on the
    default script for unknown toolkit

  * Fix for bug #643067 - Have GS magnifyAccessible check that
    magnification is enabled


  * Fix for bug #634642 - Orca can be very slow to find a position in a
    Gecko list

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

    ca        Catalan                  Gil Forcada
    es        Spanish                  Francisco Javier Dorado
    nb        Norwegian bokmål         Kjartan Maraas
    ug        Uyghur                   Abduxukur Abdurixit
    zh_CN     Chinese (Simplified)     Wei Li


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