vinagre 2.91.91

       Module: vinagre
      Version: 2.91.91
  Uploaded by: David King
 sha256sum: c72632e4692b88539826384b212d40fb19f4406b45f1003d56b60c7398ab8ed2
      size: 3.0M
 sha256sum: 8370aecf90d89eb8ec6b426fe1a284a1645ce4f979b32c50a84c20f96057dc64
      size: 2.4M


Vinagre 2.91.91


        + Make GSettings schema translatable (Chris Kühl)


        + Overhaul configure script (David King)
          Note to packagers: Arguments to the configure script were changed.
          All functionality (except the panel applet) is now automagically
          enabled, and can be disabled or explicitly enabled with the
          appropriate configure arguments. Please check `configure --help`.
        + Make the build partially non-recursive (David King)
        + Fix the build with introspection enabled (David King)
        + Adapt to GtkObject removal in GTK+ 3 (Javier Jardón)
        + Replace gdk_draw_* with cairo* in panel applet (Daniel Svensson)
        + Avoid NULL pointer dereference in plugins if introspection is
          disabled (Brett Witherspoon)
        + Partially fix introspection build (Brett Witherspoon)

  UI translations:

        + Daniel Mustieles (es)
        + Ivar Smolin (et)
        + Bruno Brouard (fr)
        + Sweta Kothari (gu)
        + Yaron Shahrabani (he)
        + Changwoo Ryu (ko)
        + Rudolfs Mazurs (lv)
        + Kjartan Maraas (nb)
        + A S Alam (pa)
        + Matej UrbanÄ?iÄ? (sl)
        + Daniel Korostil (uk)

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