evolution 2.91.91

       Module: evolution
      Version: 2.91.91
  Uploaded by: Matthew Barnes

 sha256sum: 681aeeabf47893749f99d82184886abf92fe95b06010a02618368c8da1b80426
      size: 38M

 sha256sum: 2ebac54260976adef6f614db12324abc1950242b2dbfb9f2d0498f35f5090cd4
      size: 31M


Evolution 2.91.91 2011-03-07

Bug Fixes:
	Bug 434972 - Reply does not detect "RE :" subject prefix (Milan Crha)
	Bug 550867 - Showing location in meetings (Milan Crha)
	Bug 608804 - Some attachments make evolution crash in libical
	             (Milan Crha)
	Bug 614480 - Avoid using G_TYPE_INSTANCE_GET_PRIVATE repeatedly
	             (Milan Crha)
	Bug 623593 - Cannot drag&drop attached messages from mails (Milan Crha)
	Bug 635002 - Fix invalid use of .la file in contact-editor
	             (Pacho Ramos)
	Bug 637091 - Crash in g_str_hash, task_shell_sidebar_client_removed
	             (Matthew Barnes)
	Bug 640829 - Can drop text/plain message lines in message preview
	             (Milan Crha)
	Bug 641343 - Cannot scroll to bottom of folder list while dragging
	             (Milan Crha)
	Bug 641374 - "Send new mail to..." popup action doesn't work
	             (Milan Crha)
	Bug 641456 - Crash in pst_process_appointment at pst-importer.c
	             (Milan Crha)
	Bug 641805 - Clicking links in mail composer opens URL twice
	             (Milan Crha)
	Bug 642093 - Frees message attachment content on Reply (Milan Crha)
	Bug 642447 - Invalid reads while disabling groupwise account
	             (Milan Crha)
	Bug 642954 - Doesn't commit/abort sequence on modification error
	             (Milan Crha)
	Bug 643218 - Local delivery doesn't deliver after maildir migration
	             (Milan Crha)
	Bug 643297 - multipart/related formatter skips the last part
	             (Milan Crha)
	Bug 643402 - Fails to build with --disable-smime (Milan Crha)
	Bug 643635 - Typo in the code from commit for bug #434972 (Milan Crha)
	Bug 643693 - Crash opening attached text/html mail (Milan Crha)

Other Changes:
	* Write state.ini immediately in EShellView::dispose method
	  (Milan Crha)
	* Use G_SIGNAL_TYPE_STATIC_SCOPE for all GdkEvent signal params.
	  (Matthew Barnes)
	* Fix incorrect use of ngettext from a patch for bug #635414
	  (Milan Crha)
	* Slightly smaller dialogs for Reply type questions (but not all)
	  (Milan Crha)
	* Let Esc behave like Cancel in Reply questions and do not leak
	  message (Milan Crha)
	* Do not leak attachments in a mail view (Milan Crha)
	* Merge duplicate local sources (Milan Crha)
	* Do not flush Outbox when mail shell backend not started (Milan Crha)
	* Construct attachment bars for correct message part ids (Milan Crha)
	* Bump BASE_VERSION to 3.0. (Matthew Barnes)

	Daniel Mustieles (es)
	Mattias Põldaru (et)
	Bruno Brouard (fr)
	Rudolfs Mazurs (lv)
	Kjartan Maraas (nb)
	Nguy�n Thái Ng�c Duy (vi)
	Wei Li (zh_CN)
	Chao-Hsiung Liao (zh_HK)

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