gnumeric 1.10.16

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	* Store some print range information in gnumeric files. [#649714]
	* Hide Prefer CLIPBOARD preference under MS Windows. [#649675]
	* Extend the goto dialog.
	* Extend the address box to handle both A1 and R1C1 style addresses.
	* Change the default widget when rolling up or down the default widget. 
	* Import external references from ODF. [#645580]
	* Some documentation improvements.
	* Read fraction formats correctly from ODF 1.2 files.
	* Fix regression line export to ODF.
	* Fix font and background colour import of LibreOffice generated xlsx
	* In xlsx files, do not ignore gradient cell background fills
	  completely. [#644496]
	* Export some cell formatting to xlsx files. [#532635]
	* Fix reading of diagonal borders from xlsx files. [#652690]
	* Fix writing to xlsx of file with comments. [#652689]
	* Add exporter for ECMA-376 2nd edition.
	* Fix some font-name handling in ODF import.

	* Fix leaks in SHEET.  [#650761]
	* Fix leaks in SHEETS.  [#650764]
	* Fix leak in name dialog.
	* Switch to using goffice's complex math.
	* Fix graph axis problem.  [Part of #599901]
	* Drop unneeded value formats.  [#651667]


=========  (5.04K)

========  (13.6M)
  sha256sum: 1d3d66bdb32b767a6db833d94a6ab2012eb4a39109140f6bc571334afac567fc (18.1M)
  sha256sum: 600787c6b2646e1bec78b36b7665bacd9d48fd99d21deae310002e11a82bbc86

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