gmime 2.5.8

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Glorious MIME Utility Library


2011-06-10  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj gnome org>

	* README: Bumped version

	* Bumped version to 2.5.8

2011-06-09  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj gnome org>

	Fix for bug #652056

	* gmime/gmime-param.c (decode_value): If STRICT_PARSER isn't
	defined, don't require the value to start with a valid character.

2011-06-08  Daniel Kahn Gillmor  <dkg fifthhorseman net>

	Fix for bug #651826

	* gmime/gmime-gpg-context.c
	(g_mime_gpg_context_[g,s]_set_use_agent): New functions to allow
	the invoker to declare that they expect there to be a functioning
	gpg-agent, and want gpg to talk to it for any needed credentials.

2011-06-08  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj gnome org>

	* gmime/gmime-gpg-context.c: If building on Apple, force the use
	of our own implementation of poll() because Apple's poll() is
	broken on some versions of MacOS.

========  (749K)
  sha256sum: d565f478d705a0883db17dea7340c657066cbea4b33ffdc341f2d414552795c0 (959K)
  sha256sum: b0b42580ae6e812168155e3c724c55629ec1885c983d6df2682ef72cda9a8d2c

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