mousetweaks 2.91.6

       Module: mousetweaks
      Version: 2.91.6
  Uploaded by: Francesco Fumanti
 sha256sum: 772c2f1b102923845203fab630b5dfb3e3e485a242acfb1fee844473414141d4
      size: 2.4M
 sha256sum: fa3d15f9b2aafde74e5fdaf15e9e47063e90a95696c8581ea57b2ad45ed3834d
      size: 2.2M


Version 2.91.6

New and updated translations:

    [cs] Marek Ä?ernocký
    [de] Paul Seyfert
    [fr] Bruno Brouard
    [id] Andika Triwidada
    [pt_BR] Marcelo Odir, Antonio Fernandes C. Neto, Djavan Fagundes
    [zh_HK] Chao-Hsiung Liao
    [zh_TW] Chao-Hsiung Liao

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