libgnomecanvas 2.30.3

       Module: libgnomecanvas
      Version: 2.30.3
  Uploaded by: Kjartan Maraas
 sha256sum: a8ca85e734ab03ecf1fba7d99e01ae2541d0df539c69a7da9414cde928c116da
      size: 748K
 sha256sum: 859b78e08489fce4d5c15c676fec1cd79782f115f516e8ad8bed6abcb8dedd40
      size: 568K


libgnomecanvas 2.30.3

What's new since 2.30.2

Bug fixes
	* Fix delivering of scroll events again (Paul Davis)

	* Carles Ferrando (ca@valencia) 
	* Gheyret T.Kenji (ug)
	* Sahran (ug)
	* Wei-Lun Chao (zh_TW, zh_CN)

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