evolution-data-server 2.91.6

       Module: evolution-data-server
      Version: 2.91.6
  Uploaded by: Chenthill Palanisamy

 sha256sum: d60dff43544a86603f0e6502a5a57aecefafa0fa13ccbdb76c86d8f061d07ded
      size: 6.3M

 sha256sum: 2db7f454ec1666a6c856ed3cbc807d32fc65089770440b44c7525b9c219a76ea
      size: 4.2M


Evolution-Data-Server 2.91.6 2011-01-31

Bug Fixes:
	Bug 640898 - Evolution creates invalid vCard (Matthew Barnes)
	Bug #623933 - Crash under ESourceList::conf_changed_callback (Milan Crha)
	Bug 640529 - Default size of category window is too small (Matthew Barnes)
	Bug #636495 - Build fails :GtkStyle deprecated (Vibha Yadav)
	Bug #635519 - Crash at cell_renderer_color_render (Vibha Yadav)
	Bug #635339 - 'Mark as read' from popup menu not working on Junk folder (Milan Crha)
	Bug 635353 â?? Don't parse empty addresses in the Google Contacts backend (Philip Withnall)
	Bug 566441 â?? The Google backend doesn't use the tags/categories/groups (Philip Withnall)
	Bug #639469 - WebDAV addressbook only uses https (Andrew McMillan)
	Bug #627788 - EDataCalView is never freed in a factory process (Milan Crha)
	Bug #639165 - maildir expunge not working as expected (Milan Crha)
	Bug #525565 - Crash in find_book_by_contact at e-name-selector-entry.c (Milan Crha)
	Bug #638948 - NNTP folder doesn't implement Expunge (Milan Crha)

Miscellaneous Fixes:
	CamelGroupwiseFolder: Dynamically allocate MD5 digest. (Matthew Barnes)
	Fix possible invalid read when checking citation depth (Milan Crha)
	Require the latest gtk+-3.0 release until 3.0. (Matthew Barnes)
	Drop support for gtk+-2.0. (Matthew Barnes)
	Add versioning to D-Bus service names. (Matthew Barnes)
	Kill CamelSeekableStream. (Matthew Barnes)
	Kill CamelSeekableSubstream. (Matthew Barnes)
	CamelMultipartSigned: Avoid using bounded streams. (Matthew Barnes)
	Replace CamelStreamSeekPolicy with GSeekType. (Matthew Barnes)
	Bump libcamel's shared object name. (Matthew Barnes)
	Make contact removal asynchronous in the Google Contacts backend (Philip Withnall)
	Add cancellation support to the Google Contacts backend (Philip Withnall)
	Rebase the Google Contacts backend as an asynchronous EBookBackend (Philip Withnall)
	Add e_source_selector_get_source_by_path() (Matthew Barnes)
	Bump libgdata dependency to 0.7.0 (Philip Withnall)
	Use GDBus calls without any timeout set (Milan Crha)
	imapx_server_get_message: Avoid unreffing a NULL stream. (Matthew Barnes)
	CamelStreamFs: Check for cancellation before closing or flushing (Matthew Barnes)
	Crash on bogus component removal in file calendar backend (Milan Crha)

	Michael Kotsarinis (el)
	Andika Triwidada (id)
	Fran Diéguez (gl)

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