tracker 0.9.36

       Module: tracker
      Version: 0.9.36
  Uploaded by: Jürg Billeter
 sha256sum: 82b6623f956ec56ff45a7713ade116fca50dc88d3ae4407761181ead23b125d4
      size: 8.3M
 sha256sum: 705b848f8e21f0ca37b1a181575ac82ae98bb17a8fd206dfd48d7e1d2919ce60
      size: 6.9M


NEW in 0.9.36 - 2011-01-27

The changes are:

  * Fixes NB#221700: miner-fs: Handle errors when requesting bus names
  * Fixes NB#222578: tracker-writeback: Add member= to the signal's subscription
  * Fixes NB#222645: libtracker-data: Fix resource without URI on insert after rollback
  * Fixes NB#222664: miner-fs: Do not access MemoryOutputStream data before finishing splice
  * Ontology: Added missing documentation for rdf, mtp and slo
  * Ontology: Remove long-deprecated classes and properties
  * SPARQL: Ignore CONSTRUCT/INSERT/DELETE triples with unbound variables
  * SPARQL: Fix SQL generated for predicate variables and deleted subjects
  * libtracker-data: Fix transient properties
  * functional-tests: Ensure nfo:belongsToContainer is changed on file moves


  * Updated ar: Khaled Hosny
  * Updated cz: Marek Cernocky



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