clutter 1.5.14

       Module: clutter
      Version: 1.5.14
  Uploaded by: Emmanuele Bassi
 sha256sum: 5ff8156fc4365098e726a97f388bda9b42cdb10aee480c0c51a8a3e78cf09cd1
      size: 5.6M
 sha256sum: 0f80b4992bd63b6580e698687b64b8025a0de9dccdfcd0bcf960cb0d36ad56a3
      size: 4.6M


Clutter 1.5.14                                                       2011-01-24

  â?¢ List of changes since Clutter 1.5.12

    » Allow getting the state modifiers from a ClutterClickAction.

    » Fix ClutterDragAction to never leave the event delivery in
      an unwanted state.

    » Optimize state changes for texture and data states.

    » Enable VBO support in Cogl for GLES2.

    » Fix compilation on GLES1.1.

    » Documentation fixes.

    » ClutterGLXTexturePixmap has been deprecated; its parent class
      ClutterX11TexturePixmap and the low level CoglTexturePixmapX11
      API provide access to the same features.

    » Be more resilient against timelines controlling the state of
      other timelines during the clock tick.

    » Provide defines for the windowing platforms, to allow portable
      applications to include the correct header and select the
      correct API depending on the target.

    » Introduce a fast path for cogl_read_pixels() that uses the journal
      to determine the position of a single pixel on the stage; this
      fast path gracefully degrades to the usual render-based approach,
      and should speed up picking considerably in the case of opaque
      quads batched together.

    » Support XInput axis data on valuator devices, and introduce XInput2
      support for event translation and device hotplugging. The support
      for XI and XI2 must still be explicitly enabled by the developer,
      but it is now compiled in by default. It can be disabled at compile
      time by passing --disable-xinput to the configure script.

    » Clean up the unintentionally leaked internal symbols in the X11
      and GLX backends.

    » Allow defining the contents of the rows of a ListModel using
      ClutterScript. This completes the ability to fully define a
      ClutterListModel inside a UI definition file.

  â?¢ Bugs fixed since Clutter 1.5.12

    #1422, key input handler for eglnative
    #1456, Hinting mishandling
    #1721, XInput2 support
    #2268, EGL backend dependent on X11 headers
    #2400, Don't enable GL_POINT_SPRITE on GLES
    #2497, should not throw away a program when just the texture
           object has changed
    #2512, shader: Don't notify properties when finalizing shaders
    #2513, script-parser: Also honor properties of type GType
    #2516, [PATCH] Fails to compile with --with-gles=1.1
    #2518, introspection: Add missing (out) annotations for get_color()
    #2520, Add API to get modifier type in ClutterClickAction
    #2522, ClutterDragAction might indefinitely disable motion events
    #2524, It's possible to receive a new-frame signal after stopping
           a timeline
    #2526, model: Fix some GObject-Introspection annotations
    #2527, model: Change the column argument type to gint for
    #2528, model: Add support to define rows in ClutterScript

Many thanks to:

  Robert Bragg, Neil Roberts, Bastian Winkler, Lucas Rocha, Adel Gadllah,
  Chris Lord, Damien Lespiau

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