gst-plugins-good 0.10.27

       Module: gst-plugins-good
      Version: 0.10.27
  Uploaded by: Tim-Philipp Müller
 sha256sum: a259834281a18fdcac099c5616bdfdc64a640742ffdac2e16624d2ef159e4c01
      size: 4.4M
 sha256sum: a9d801c3d42b456a6ebc0b95f68c44f153f756ec0fbd4877197c469cc67771fa
      size: 3.0M


This is GStreamer Good Plug-ins 0.10.27, "Some Kind of Temporal Blend"

Changes since 0.10.26:

      * avidemux: add workaround for buggy list size; extract datetime tags
      * cacasink: fix masks and strides
      * deinterlace: change the default to linear
      * deinterlace: avoid infinite loop draining
      * deinterlace: rewrite/fix how neighboring scan lines are calculated
      * flvdemux: use aac codec-data to adjust samplerate if needed
      * flvmux: Fix for nellymoser codecid setting
      * icydemux: Add 'StreamUrl' metadata as GST_TAG_HOMEPAGE tag
      * id3demux: fix parsing of ID3v2.4 genre frames with multiple genres
      * imagefreeze: pass along eos if received before buffer arrives
      * jpegdec: add "max-errors" property to ignore decoding errors
      * jpegdec: avoid infinite loop when resyncing; discard incomplete image
      * matroskademux: add stream-format and alignment properties for h264
      * matroskademux: assume matroska if no doctype is specified
      * matroskademux: increase allowed max. block size for push mode from 10M to 15M
      * matroskademux: normalize empty Cues to no Cues
      * matroskamux: add support for DTS and E-AC3 audio
      * matroskamux: try to write timestamps in all the outgoing buffers
      * multifilesink: send stream headers in key-frame mode
      * multiudpsink: add buffer-size property
      * navseek: add basic support to change playback rate
      * pulsemixer: Implement MIXER_FLAG_AUTO_NOTIFICATIONS
      * pulsesink: flush remaining buffered samples on EOS
      * pulsesink: make corking during pause synchronous; don't uncork in _start
      * pulsesink: Uncork stream while flushing the ringbuffer
      * pulsesrc: add "client" property
      * qtdemux: add support for fragmented mp4
      * qtdemux: add support for (E)AC-3, WMA and VC-1 audio
      * qtdemux: allow pulling atoms with unknown size
      * qtdemux: fix flow return aggregation and handling of near end-of-file corner cases
      * qtdemux: parse and use creation time tag from mvhd
      * rtpbin: copy buffering stats
      * rtpbin: correctly calculate RTCP packet size
      * rtp: fix rank of payloaders and depayloaders
      * rtp: flush state on flush-stop for seek handling for many (de)payloaders
      * rtp ac3pay: add AC3 payloader
      * rtp h264depay: determine output h264 layout using caps negotiation
      * rtp h264pay: implement full bytestream scan mode
      * rtp j2kdepay: add support for buffer lists; make depayloader more resilient
      * rtp j2kpay: use buffer lists for better performance
      * rtp j2kpay: handle EOC correctly; stop scanning when we reached the end
      * rtp j2kpay: use SOP markers to split bitstream
      * rtp jitterbuffer: provide a clock; get better buffering level
      * rtp jpegdepay: fix framerate parsing for locales that use a comma as floating point
      * rtp mp4adepay: improve timestamps on outgoing packets
      * rtpsession: also emit RTCP activity on SR
      * rtpsession: remember last sent RB values
      * rtspsrc: add and use auto buffering mode
      * rtspsrc: degrade gracefully upon failing seek and tweak QUERY_SEEKING response
      * rtspsrc: include range request for all streams with non-aggregate control
      * rtspsrc: increase udp buffer size
      * rtspsrc: reset session manager base time when flushing
      * rtspsrc: select multicast transports in a smarter way
      * souphttpsrc: don't send seeks behind the end of file to the server
      * v4l2sink: add navigation support; properties to control crop
      * vrawdepay: fix length check
      * wavparse: detect DTS advertised as PCM correctly in some more cases
      * ximagesrc: change from XGetImage to XGetSubImage dependant on a property

Bugs fixed since 0.10.26:

      * 596321 : qtdemux: add support for fragmented MP4 and " mfra " boxes
      * 618389 : [pulsemixer] Should implement MIXER_FLAG_AUTO_NOTIFICATIONS interface
      * 618652 : [effectv] Use of uninitialised value in unit test
      * 620283 : Support for Adobe's F4F missing
      * 621929 : [PLUGIN-MOVE] move jack plugin from -bad to -good
      * 623178 : [matroskademux] error message for unrecognised FOURCC codes should be improved
      * 625825 : cannot link rtpmp4adepay ! aacparse
      * 629418 : progressreport: add support for determining stream position from buffer timestamps instead of using queries
      * 631516 : [navseek] Add support to change playback rate
      * 632654 : [matroskamux] try to write timestamps in most of the outgoing buffers
      * 632897 : flvmux does not set the correct nellymoser codec id
      * 633280 : [icydemux][PATCH] icydemux: Send 'StreamUrl' metadata as GST_TAG_HOMEPAGE tag
      * 634314 : pngdec hangs on faulty pngs
      * 634391 : [v4l2src] add interlaced field to caps
      * 634393 : v4l2src: Set top field first for interlaced captures
      * 634910 : [rtph264pay] Implement bytestream scan mode
      * 634928 : [qtdemux] report creation/modification time via metadata tag
      * 635734 : jpegdec: infinite loop when playing back motion jpeg stream
      * 636049 : ximagesrc: fix remote X and off by ones
      * 636172 : imagefreeze: eos is not passed before a buffer arrives
      * 636234 : [wavparse] dts 6ch played as stereo 16 bit pcm if DTS frame starts at non-zero offset
      * 636621 : flvdemux: doesn't set the right sample rate for aac audio
      * 636784 : [qtdemux] GST_QUERY_CONVERT implementation for qtdemux
      * 637060 : matroskademux: errors out on 13MB blocks when streaming
      * 637686 : [jpegenc] Improve sinkpad getcaps results
      * 638019 : [matroskademux] some matroska files are not specifying DocType
      * 638072 : build failure: rtpsource.c: error: 'have_rb' may be used uninitialized in this function
      * 638535 : id3demux: multiple genres as per ID3v2.4 not supported correctly
      * 638569 : cacasink crashes when given 15-bit video.
      * 639240 : pulsesink: PLAYING- > PAUSED- > PLAYING transition causes dropout
      * 639321 : deinterlace: field{1,3} scanline pointers seem to be off by one field line
      * 639339 : v4l2: fails to build with older kernels due to missing V4L_FIELD_INTERLACED_{TB,BT}
      * 639516 : muxers: fix setting src pad caps
      * 639740 : [pulsesink] doesn't uncork in some cases during reverse playback
      * 640028 : [qtdemux] crash on malformed mov stream
      * 640063 : rtph264depay: leaks codec data buffer in byte-stream=false mode
      * 640064 : rtspsrc memory leak
      * 640080 : rtspsrc: fails to error out properly on network failure
      * 623063 : [jpegdec] add " max-errors " property

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