Module: glibmm
  Uploaded by: Murray Cumming
 sha256sum: e2fc30edbfbcf01ba21cd46db87cdc35840e63af958d7cf123a0068aa9ee6920
      size: 6.7M
 sha256sum: 3d1d5cf333e608724f19eb145df0c6070258d89c1954fcbba786008fda5ebd87
      size: 5.4M

---- (unstable):

* gmmproc:
  - _WRAP_CTOR(): Restore the optional extra parameter, because it 
  is still needed by gtkmm-2.4.
  (Murray Cumming)
  - Added conversion from bool& to gboolean*.
  (Chris Kühl)
* DBus::[watch|own]_name(): Add default values for parameters.
* DBusConnection:
  - Add a send_message() without an "out_serial" parameter.
  - Avoid errors/exceptions in callbacks due to NULL C strings.
  - Wrap properties and signals.
* DBusMessage: Wrap properties and signals.
* DBusServer: Comment out constructors because of bug #639478.
* InetAddress: Wrap properties.
* Variant: Make the variant_type() functions return actual types.
* Documentation: Started a client/server example that uses the user's bus.

  DBus: Add initial implementation of a bus server/client example.

	* examples/
	* examples/dbus/ Add a partial implementation of the
	server part of a server/client example that communicate through the
	user's bus.
	* examples/dbus/ Typos.

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