Module: gnome-commander
  Uploaded by: Piotr Eljasiak
 sha256sum: 6d6395446e84ddb79768d6f483e859d7b6f231cbc8b59ef66df77441cbbdbc99
      size: 4.4M
 sha256sum: 148035ae09c32a383d30512e0a7129350a32b71d181bbd15b915cb67bc9232e0
      size: 3.4M



Bug fixes:
 * Fixed problem #448941 (numeric keypad arrows don't work in the main window)
 * Fixed problem #620275 (add menu item to copy full path and file name to clipboard)
 * Fixed problem #637501 (advrename: metatag popup menu shows wrong items)
 * Fixed problem with toggling path/basename/filename selections in copy/move dialogs
 * Fixed problem with searching path for devices
 * Updated translations: de


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