gnome-dvb-daemon 0.1.23

       Module: gnome-dvb-daemon
      Version: 0.1.23
  Uploaded by: Sebastian Polsterl
 sha256sum: d1cebecb1719dd8abae4d80607db5de3cd5c1cc58c3f7b6aaef35aaf8667c02c
      size: 1.1M
 sha256sum: 85ebfc46ca5a887e6c2c116f8915ea49dc874cfbecd70fdb9d6eb66cb8184114
      size: 764K


Version 0.1.23

Heuristics were added to detect outdated and obsolete EPG events.
In addition, it is possible so specify the network interface the
streaming server is listening on in the settings file, by default
it is set to the loopback interface.
This release requires Vala >= 0.11.2.

- Make ScheduleView searchable by using the title
- SchedulePaned: Don't allow to edit TextView
- Totem: use dgettext to avoid overriding Totem's translations; fixed
- Fixed compiler errors. Requires Vala >= 0.11.2; fixed
- gnomedvb: Display adapter and frontend for each device in the setup assistant; fixed
- Detect overlapping EPG events and remove outdated events.
- Moved handling of GSequence to new class EventStorage.
- Removed desktop_DATA from EXTRA_DIST
- Use upstream gettext instead of glib one
- Do not use hostname in rtsp streaming	URL but use the IPv4 address of the interface specified in the settings file.

Updated Translations:
- Arabic
- Czech
- Danish
- French
- Greek
- Hungarian
- Polish


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