clutter-gtk 0.91.8

       Module: clutter-gtk
      Version: 0.91.8
  Uploaded by: Emmanuele Bassi
 sha256sum: d5aff127b2b8d3b5f31132630698471cc053a279ed62dac9b12a48121fa77b20
      size: 452K
 sha256sum: 1516ac98b9f0436d7806f02153810fae31f961446311e06805f574ac1aaa969e
      size: 368K


Clutter-GTK 0.91.8                                                   14/01/2011

Changes since 0.91.6:

        â?¢ Depend on gtk+ â?¥ 2.91.7.

        â?¢ Disable multi-device support in GDK to unbreak the event
          filter function we use to dispatch events from GDK to

        â?¢ Update to the new StyleContext API.

        â?¢ Remove the GdkColor/GtkStyle/ClutterColor utility API: the
          old GtkStyle colors have been deprecated in GTK+.

        â?¢ Use gettext to localize messages.

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